The Benefits of Water

Water is a cheat code for weight loss. It’s zero calories. It’s insanely vital for your health. It removes harmful toxins from your body. It even fills you up and helps suppress the dangerous, mid-meal cravings.

Drinking water instead of a frappuccino in the middle of the day might not seem that appealing, but it will save you more than 300 unnecessary calories. Put it another way - substituting water for that frappuccino is the equivalent of running an extra two miles!


Did you know that your muscles are more than 70% water?

And if you think that you are gaining weight because of the water you are drinking - that’s okay. The water you drink will process naturally and will help you hit your Motivatr goal. So keep a water bottle near you throughout the day - it sounds stupid, but it’s much easier to drink water if you don’t have to keep getting up to refill your cup!

- Motivatr