No More BS: Working Out

We've got four key tips for working out:

  1. Most people hate working out when they start… and it’s a pain to get going. But once it becomes habitual, you won’t fight the urge to exercise anymore.

  2. Have a workout plan. It really, really helps.

  3. Imitation is a form of flattery. If you see someone at the gym doing something interesting, look it up and try it.

  4. When you are losing motivation to work out, just remember that you’ve got money at stake.


There are a ton of online resources for working out, depending on what you want to do. If you just want to get started doing cardio to supplement your diet, try this or this out. If you prefer to swim, here’s a great beginner program. And if you want to transform your body into a muscle-packed machine, this is a workout program that we liked. And if you want a five-day per week, compound-workout centric, body split workout, try the 2suns workout that is detailed here.

We like to add our workouts for the month onto our calendar so that it feels more “real.” By the time you successfully complete your Motivatr, we hope that working out becomes part of your daily routine - and not a chore that you dread.

- Motivatr