No More BS: Running 101

Running sucks. It takes time, it’s painful, it can be monotonous. If you haven’t run before, it makes sense to follow an intro program like this or this. If there is a positive about running, it’s this: you see noticeable improvements in your ability to run pretty quickly. If you can only run/walk ¼ of a mile right now - you might be doing ½ a mile somewhat comfortably within a couple of weeks (if you are consistent).


A few key points though:

  • You don’t need special gear to go running. But it is better for your body if you wear shoes designed for running (or cross-trainers).

  • Make sure you hydrate well throughout the day - not just right before and right after your run. The easiest way to tell if you are well-hydrated is based on your urine color. The darker it is, the more water you need to drink.

  • Slow and steady is better when building a foundation. Don’t try to run yourself into the ground or go too fast. Build up the endurance through slow, steady repetition and after a few weeks, you can start testing your speed if you want (up to you!).

If you’ve got questions or want help devising a running plan, let us know!

- Motivatr