Science Is On your Side

As you begin, know that science is on your side. Research shows that the prospect of losing money is one of the greatest motivators. That’s why we created this app.


Here's one of our favorite scientific studies: Researchers at Ivy League universities tested ways to increase physical activity among adults struggling with weight loss. One group got financial rewards if they met their goal. The other group lost money if they failed. Guess which group did better?

The group that lost money if they failed had a 200% higher increase in physical activity than other groups.

While rewards sound nice, they simply don’t motivate us as well as the prospect of losing a financial pledge.

Summary: we dislike loss more than than we like gain.  Pat yourself on the back; you’ve put that knowledge about human behavior to use, and you’ve made the decision to change your life for the better.

Now get to work!

- Motivatr