Other Health Apps We Like

There are other health-related apps that we use regularly in conjunction with Motivatr. Here’s a few that we use regularly:

  1. MapMyRun — One of the leading running/walking tracking apps. Really simple to use. Tracks your pace, distance, and personal records. 

  2. Strava — A beautifully designed app that can also track your runs but is more useful for those of you that enjoy biking. Really simple social sharing built in as well.

  3. Fitocracy — An app that lets you record and track your exercise progress. Provides some workout planning as well. Can cost $1 per day if you want premium features.

  4. MyFitnessPal — Probably the most used calorie counter and diet journal. While recording everything you eat or drink is a pain in the ass, you will find that it is an incredibly effective way to lose weight quickly. MyFitnessPal has an amazing library of foods with nutritional values included, so you probably won’t have to create a custom food and guestimate nutritional values.

  5. Cronometer — Similar to MyFitnessPal but provides macro targeting (e.g. what % of daily maximum sugar intake are you at currently). This is useful for more advanced weight loss. If you are starting or have very recently started your weight loss journey, stick to the basics and track calories using MyFitnessPal.

- Motivatr